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NNVO, the National Nautical Traffic Service Training, is the key training institute for the nautical sector. We work on behalf of the port authorities, the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (Dutch: Rijkswaterstaat), provinces and municipalities. With a team of 17 professionals we coordinate and organize training courses for VTS operators and bridge and lock operators. NNVO prepares students for a professional practice that requires high-quality (professional) knowledge. In addition, we facilitate cooperation and knowledge exchange between the waterway managers.

NNVO is a non-profit foundation with a Board Committee and a Board of Management. The board members establish the vision for NNVO and assure the quality of the agency. The board also defines the NNVO strategy, supervises financially sound business management and determines the fees.

Annual reports

Board Committee

  • Mr J.W. van de Geer, Chairman of the Board, Head of Department Strategy and Policy, WDODelta
  • Mr R.J. Gutteling, Head of the VTS and Deputy Harbour Master, Port of Rotterdam 
  • Mr A. Stuulen, Task Manager Mobility, province of Fryslân
Bedrijfsprofiel NNVO
Board of Management

  • Mr J.W. van de Geer, Chairman of the Board, Head of Department Strategy and Policy, WDODelta
  • Mr C.A. Duvekot, Harbour Master at Port Authority and Scheveningen Traffic Control Centre 
  • Mr R.J. Gutteling, head of the VTS and deputy Harbour Master, Port of Rotterdam  
  • Mr M. Hage, Shipping Traffic and Water Management Department Head south west Netherlands, Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management
  • Mr J. Hollander, North Sea Port Harbour Master
  • Mr J.W. Husslage, Head of Operations, Port of Amsterdam
  • Mr J.H. Post, Head of Water Infrastructure Department, Water systems sector, Waternet
  • Mr A.J. Schuitmaker, Deputy State Harbour Master, Head of Port Facilities Product Group, Den Helder
  • Mr A. Stuulen, Task Manager Mobility, province of Fryslân
  • Mr P. van der Wal, Harbour Master at Groningen Seaports

NNVO Agency

  • Mr drs. P. Kuijt, Director
  • Mr A.J. Keller, Head of VTS Training Courses
  • Mr. B. Struijk, Teacher & Functional Manager VTS
  • Mr K. Huisman, Nautical Curricular Strands Coordinator
  • Ms C.T. de Beer-Kouer, Management Assistant
  • Ms E.G. Achten, Educational Expert MSc.
  • Mr Y.R. Bontekoe, Educational Expert MSc.
  • Ms J. van Eck-de Jong, Educational Expert MSc.
  • Mr J.A. Jonker, Teacher
  • Mr D. le Roy, Financial Controller
  • Ms E.M. Pelgrim-Buis, Communication Specialist
  • Ms A. Klinge, VTS Secretariat
  • Ms A. Hansen-Verboon, VTS Secretariat
  • Ms J. Kooij, NCS Secretariat
  • Ms K. Koot, NCS Secretariat
  • Mr J.H. Dekker, VTS Advisor
  • Mr J.J.M. Weststrate, VTS Advisor


Commission of Certification and Auditing
The Commission of Certification and Auditing (CCA) monitors the standard of the training courses by means of examinations. This commission is part of NNVO.

Commission of Experts
The practical relevance of the training courses that NNVO provides, is monitored by the Commission of Experts (CoE). The members of the CoE are responsible for the relevance of the course material. In fact, they check whether the working method described applies to the organisation they represent.

NNVO has a Commission of Experts for the VTS training and a Commission of Experts for the nautical curricular strands. These commissions consist of representatives of VTS authorities and Waternet, who have the course material assessed by subject matter experts.

Supervisory Commission
The quality of conducting examinations is guaranteed by the Supervisory Commission (SC). This commission is composed of three members. They visit unannounced an examination room where an examination is being conducted.


NNVO en TinQwise winnen twee Learning Technologies Awards

NNVO en TinQwise zijn op woensdagavond 16 november in de prijzen gevallen tijdens de uitreiking van de Learning Technologies Awards 2022 in Londen. Met e-learning Poseidon zijn we Gold Winners geworden in de categorieën ‘Best use of simulations or virtual environments for learning’ en ‘Excellence in the design of learning content’.

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Achter de schermen bij Anita Scheurwater

In deze nieuwe rubriek bezoeken we een van de vaarwegbeheerders in het land en laten we een nautisch operator aan het woord. Anita Scheurwater (28) geeft een inkijkje in haar baan als brug- en sluisoperator bij de Volkeraksluizen in Willemstad.

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Nieuwe algemene voorwaarden

NNVO publiceert vandaag nieuwe algemene voorwaarden voor zakelijke klanten. De nieuwe voorwaarden vervangen de huidige leveringsvoorwaarden. Deze waren verouderd en sloten niet goed meer aan bij de werkwijze van NNVO.

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